Good Vegetarian Chili is Impossible; Or Is It?

Good Vegetarian Chili is Possible It has been said that good vegetarian chili is impossible. But nothing makes me crave chili more than a cold winter’s day. Providing meal plans with chili for your clients during the winter is a great idea. But what if they are a vegetarian? What if they live in a […]

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Plant Based – 3 Amazing Reasons Why it Improves Health

Plant Based Diets and Health The popularity of plant based diets is growing in the US and many other countries. Recent studies presented to the American Society of Nutrition in 2018 found a variety of health benefits in individuals participating in vegetarian type lifestyles. Typical results pointed to decreased risk of coronary heart disease, decreased […]

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3 Superfood Tips for Healthier Meal Planning

Following are three easy superfood tips. Superfood is a catch all term for foods high in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. Superfood groups are touted to have many beneficial properties and contribute to a person’s general health. While there are many claims to the benefits of superfood, from reducing risk of disease or improving emotional wellness, […]

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